Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We picked a printer!..and some other fun stuff..

Yesterday, I met with Jared from The Art Press in Castleton, and am very excited to be working with them! We found a company that fits our style AND budget, besides that they're local- which makes it more accessible. make final decisions on the actual shirts for the first order! I feel like my brain is swimming with style numbers and manufacturer names.

Big meeting number 1 aside- it's time to kick of the weekend of fashion, business, and fun. I'll be attending Ai's design student's show on Thursday at the Scottish Rite at 8p ($25 gen ad- or $10 for students with ID) to support some of the amazing up and coming designers in Indy!  It won't be all just for the fabulousness of it  though, I'm attending with Jeff Long of Movement Nation, who among his many talents- does some pretty sick wake boarding alongside some of his pro wake boarding friends when he's in FL, and we've got some business to talk for all of our amazing wakeboarding/skateboarding/etc fans out there- more details later :)

This half meeting/half fashion show will be followed by talking with the fabulous Ian Stikeleather- who along with being a design student, is the president of the Indianapolis Fashion Collective and a marketing/networking guru - who is potentially going to be the collaborative designer of T.Party dresses for the spring line. We are looking at sketches and working on the specific concept.  I'm VERY excited about this, for as much as I love t-shirts, anyone who knows me personally knows that I ADORE wearing dresses...all the time.

Busy, busy, busy week!

Wish me luck


By the way, the website should be up soon, we are just working out the last bugs, and I obviously can't have you guys order shirts I haven't finalized yet! :) Soon my lovelies, soon!

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