Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things for spring!

Tonight I got to go to the Art Institute of Indianapolis's fashion show this evening, and while I got to see some fabulous designs, and all of Indianapolis's fashion who's who were there- I got to conduct some business as well. 

After the show, the fabulous Ian Stikeleather showed me a series of dresses for a starting point to develop dresses for the spring line!  I'm very excited about our jumping off point- and am even more excited about our Tuesday meeting we've got to talk about it more after tossing some ideas around tonight for a little bit tonight. 

Besides that- I got to talk to Jeff Long - who is another big deal in the making- and one of his business partners- Paul- about some clothing that will be developed for all kinds of projects he's got up his sleeves.  This will give me the opportunity to creative direct an even more involved line, as well as do some styling for some pretty fabulous clients.  

After I met with these couple of fabulously creative minds, I got myself a pumpkin spice latte- no whip- a napkin and a pen and just started sketching things out, and list making.  Let me tell you what- I couldn't write fast enough.  The line that are going to come out of these mergers have the potential to be pretty sick, and I am BURSTING with ideas!  The vision is coming together very quickly- which is a good sign.  Whenever you're creating and its forced, it isn't organic, and your customers can tell.  They end up being things that don't sell, and people hate because you tried to hard. 

This next month I'll be releasing shirts in limited quantities and as they sell through, I'll release more, and then by Thanksgiving, Christmas shirts will be ready for you :)  Then, start getting that spring break body in shape, because T.Party is going to have some gear that will be MUST HAVES to rock on those early spring vacays. 

So excited to be getting to styling, creative directing, designing, marketing, and writing- I couldn't have planned this life if I wanted to <3 I'm so blessed with the people I've met over the last few years- it's all been a dream in the making. 

Til next time my lil t.partiers- Cheers!

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